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What is transformational spirituality?

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What I offer:

Creative Mindfulness

Expand Your Consciousness through the Practice of Mindful Art

Transformational Spirituality

Learn and Apply Spiritual Practices to Change Your Life

Creating and Facilitating

Develop and Deliver Original Courses for Adult Learners

A more balanced life

With daily spiritual practices, you can create a more harmonious, peaceful, and balanced lifestyle.

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I am a speaker/facilitator, author, artist, professional educator, curriculum designer, and ordained minister. I regularly speak and conduct workshops, classes, and retreats on meditation and transformational spirituality.

I am a graduate of Holmes Institute and Center for Spiritual Living's School of Spiritual Leadership, I hold a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute. I also hold a Bachelor's of Science in Education and a Master's of Education in Curricular and Instructional Studies from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

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