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Caught up in the Details

practice spiritual spirituality transformation well-being Jul 18, 2022

One of my favorite quotes is from a prayer in one of  Joel Goldsmith’s books: “Search me, God! Search my heart; search my consciousness, and if You find anything wrong, correct it. I do not care whether You reveal it to me or not, but correct it.”

I really like this message and all that it entails and I say it often to myself. And yet I too frequently get caught up in the details of situations and forget all about this. It is so easy to spend my time looking at every piece of a situation and figuring out the hows and whys of it until I get to what it means in my life. It’s works to do that. And I really like the feeling I get when all becomes clear to me.

I guess it really doesn’t matter in the end how I come to the resolution. But I’m beginning to realize all this time and effort spent ruminating over a situation is not how I want to spent so much of my time. I can spend hours and hours and hours going within, working through the Indwelling Presence, delving into all the hidden nuances of the situation until the truth of it is revealed or I can say, OK I’m turning this one over to you, God.

Either way, I know it’s God in action. I can slow down the process by thinking I have to figure it out, or I can “get my bloated nothingness” out of the way and let God do Its work. By thinking I have to figure it out I’m turning away from the Truth of the Perfection of All and allowing myself to further dwell in the appearance of imperfection.

That which you practice transforms your life.

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