Creative Mindfulness

Expand Your Consciousness Through Mindful Art and Meditation.

Jump start your artistic expression and connect with your inner wisdom through these comprehensive courses.

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Learn These Simple Artistic and Mindful Techniques...



With these online courses, video tutorials, workshops, and classes you can develop a deeper connection to your own inner knowing and learn to trust your intuition more than you ever have before. 



This 90-minute workshop introduces you to art of drawing your own unique mandalas as a spiritual practice that allows you to connect with your inner wisdom.

Your Inner Awareness is wanting to make itself known.

Mandalas are circular geometric patterns that represent a wholeness that reminds us of our relation to the Infinite which extends both within and beyond our bodies and minds. This meditative practice engages the conscious mind while allowing the time and the space for a deeper connection with your inner knowing and guiding intuition to be activated.

Cost: US$19.95

Daily Guided Practice

Develop your Mindful Mandala daily practice by drawing and meditating with me.

  • Weekly Videos to draw the basic forms
  • Daily Inspirational Mandalas based on the form of the week
  • Guided questions to help you tap into your inner knowing
  • A Community where you can share your creations

Begin your creative mindfulness practice today!

Subscription Cost: US$4.99/month
(save more than 50% by paying for the year - US$59.88)

(when paid monthly)

Become a Certified Creative Mindfulness Facilitator

Join our group of certified instructors whose passion is to share this artistic technique and mindfulness practice with others.

Has your Creative Mindfulness practice changed your life? Do you have a better understanding of and reliance upon your inner voice of wisdom? Do you want to share this powerful process with others?

During this 6-week program you will:

  • Learn ways to effectively facilitate your own Creative Mindfulness Workshops and Classes
  • Create opportunities for others to deeper and grow in this practice
  • Fine-tune your own Creative Mindfulness practice

Cost: US$795

The Mystical and Marvelous Mandala

The circle has always been a symbol of Unity, Oneness, and Wholeness. What we fill it with is how we express our own individuality within the One. As we tap into our inner being, its design comes forth from within, expressing itself in unique and profound ways.

“The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man.”

“My mandalas were cryptograms concerning the state of the self which was presented to me anew each day…I guarded them like precious pearls…It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation.”

Carl Jung - Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

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